Founder : Reena DSouza

 ‘Holiday Tickle’, an experiential travel company based out of Mumbai,looks at providing you with the most exciting, and offbeat trips there are to offer.

We are here to create unforgettable journeys & experiences that will make you want to go round the globe. Travel for us is beyond just visiting the place.

It's about creating memories and fulfilling your dreams of being in the midst of nature or enjoying wildlife adventure or just relaxing and basking in the sun at a beach or going back in time. We are here to make it happen. Our Motto: To be a traveler by exploring the world.

From weekend getaways, to longer getaways the plethora of options that Holiday Tickle offers is limitless.

Steering away from the conventional way of travel planning, we work with each client personally to make your dream travel into reality.  We customize each trip that seamlessly fits your needs.

Your travel dream, we are here to fulfill it, by not being too hard on your pockets.

Let's gear up together and start exploring - one step -one destination at a time ….

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